Saturday, January 23, 2010

nightmares and divination

I slept all day, which isn't out of the ordinary. The nightmares I had were horrifying... I awoke (or so I thought) to the sound of my mother talking with her mother. I walked passed the stairs and saw her, wearing a green flowery nightgown, most of the way up the staircase, but didn't see her face. I went into the washroom, felt the need to wash my hands far too many times, then went upstairs. The hallway light no longer on and I found Mom in my sister's old room at the computer. "Where did Grandma go?" I asked.

Mom paused looking at me and then said, "She died."

"I just saw you talking with her ten minutes ago!" The light came on near the beds and I saw someone laying face down under the sheets. I turned her over, barely still warm, her face distorted. "Why didn't you wake me when she came over to visit?"

I went downstairs and my sister was at her laptop and watching television, but there was a strange symbol on the screen like a stylized damaged trident facing downward, with a moving green background. It was noisy yet I couldn't make out the sounds. I told her what happened and Lyn pressed the power button on the TV, stopping for a moment in confusion because it didn't shut off, then ran upstairs. I tried to shut it off, then reached behind to unplug it and woke screaming.

I later dreamt I was carrying a box with a cat in it, the body of Cutie, whom my sister's awful dogs killed this Halloween. There were tiny insects and worms all over her. I was looking for my mom, and awoke calling to her. I said "I couldn't find you!" and went back to sleep, telling her later of the nightmare.

I offered part of an apple revealing a pentagram inside for the spirits and Ing, as well as coffee, cannabis smoke... I had received Ingwaz in my runecasting tonight. Mom got Gebo. Both runes were face down, but not bad staves to get under any circumstance. See the Runecaster's Handbook by Edred Thorsson for interpretations!


  1. I should probably clarify that all of my grandparents have been dead for some time now.

  2. I've been resting at home, not feeling well!

  3. I got Perthro the other night, the lot-cup rune, which is supposed to foretell happiness and good fellowship. Life isn't getting any better yet, not at all! I've been out of medicine and can't get any help.