Monday, April 19, 2010

War to protect China?

A siren alerted us to something like an air raid. Mom took me and my sister outside, insisting we were supposed to leave the house. I told her everything was going to blow up except the house and we'd die. There were tanks in front of the garage as we sat on a double sided bench nearly a quarter mile in front of the house where the Church parking lot and expressway should be. To my left about a hundred yards, military was ready with their guns, facing our house. We sat out in the open, watching.

Planes flew over the home with banners reading, "Something something blah blah to protect China blah blah blah." (I couldn't really make out most of what it said!) as if someone was attacking us because we'd gotten in a war to protect the false-communism we owe much of America's money to, a country that would only be of strategic interest to us because they make all our crap.

As we waited on the benches to see what would happen, my sister and mother sat facing the other direction. One of our own soldiers threw a grenade at us from in front of our garage where the tanks were now. It bounced off the bench and I kicked it far enough away to avoid the explosion! Surely this was a mistake, I thought, but sure enough he threw a couple more. At first I was frozen still, then pulled my sister away from the bench and tried to get mom to come with us. She insisted this was her fight or protest, something like that. She wouldn't stand up, intending to just wait for another explosion.

I woke and Mom is alright. The wars are elsewhere as usual. This was an unpleasant days sleep, to say the least! I'd been unable to remember much detail of any dream for a long while.